Show on show

As a global digital platform Show On Show helps its clients to obtain global media visibility among an international network of 36,000 journalists and museum/art professionals.

A high-end positioning

Show On Show is a tailored platform that communicates exhibitions and art events of international scope and enjoys a high-end positioning that enhances its impact. As a result, Show On Show is used by a number of world-leading museums and institutions.


To set up an announcement, Show On Show requires the following elements: the institution’s logo, the press release(s)/press kit(s) (in various languages, if necessary), up to six press images with credits, and the logo(s) and landing pages of sponsor(s). Show On Show’s team handles all technical aspects involved in setting up an announcement:

  • Show On Show composes a tailored, “catchy” presentation text that emphasizes the event’s specificity and international dimension
  • Show On Show processes your image files and create a preview page where journalists can send us requests for high-res versions
  • Show On Show sends you a test for validation
  • Show On Show verifies and fulfills all requests for high-res press images


When a message is sent, Show On Show provides its clients with access to a digital tracking page, allowing them to visualize the impact of their message on a map in real time.

Send a Show On Show announcement

Show On Show solutions can provide global media visibility for less than the cost of an ad in a regional newspaper. Contact us to request a quote!

About Show on Show

  • SHOW ON SHOW is a valuable tool (free of charge) for consultation, programming and verification of major international events.

    Every day, SHOW ON SHOW offers many ideas: exhibitions, auctions, fairs, design, etc.

    And even if you can’t write about everything, you can keep yourself informed from a 360° angle.It’s not so easy to find such a good source of information.


    Corriere della Sera 7. Milano.

  • Every week the SHOW ON SHOW CALENDAR is one of the most useful PR communications I receive—and I get hundreds from around the world.

    SHOW ON SHOW is concise, professional, accurate and relevant, and I have several times designed trips based on the exhibit information.

    I wish everything in my email inbox were as perfect as Show on Show.


    Published in Alaska Airlines Beyond magazine, Westways, Michelin Travel Publications,, Western Journey and Texas Journey. Author of Michelin Must-See Alaska, Michelin British Columbia, Michelin Must-See Vancouver. Co-author of Michelin USA West, Michelin Hawai’i, Michelin Yellowstone Park and Michelin Germany.

  • When I first took over the arts listings for the International Property & Travel Magazine I could not have managed without the help provided by SHOW ON SHOW.

    It enabled me to reach a good international audience and cut through all the
    red tape that sometimes we encounter from museums. Now two years on I still count Show on Show as one
    of my prime sources for excellent press kits.

    The expanded calendar of event that they provide is also a wonderful synopsis of
    what’s going on in the fast expanding world of the arts.


    Freelance Journalist, Editor and judge for International Property & Travel Magazine, Blog at